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Alice & Amar’s
love story

"I always smile when I remember Bryony balancing on a ladder , putting up a disco ball , because 2 hours before the ceremony , the bride, my daughter , suddenly decided she wanted one ! Attention to detail - spot on !"

Caroline Lovett, Mother of Bride

We just love helping to bring together an Indian wedding as they are just filled with such joy, beautiful customs, details and colour. Alice and Amar live in Germany and so wanted some support in the management of their wedding as they had to organise lots of elements from afar.

The day itself was a marriage of both their cultures and had some touching personal elements from both families.

Highlights included the stunning handcrafted mandap, the arrival of the groom on Charlie the horse provided by Alice’s Mum, the incredible drummers who orchestrated the arrival of the groom and also kicked off the party by playing seamlessly with their DJ, the blend of Indian and British food, the cocktail bar and the colourful colour palette which ran through the wedding.

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